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Vapor Corp. Vapor Corp. is a U.S. based electronic cigarette company which markets and distributes products through it's retail stores. "Electronic cigarettes" or "e-cigarettes," are battery-powered products that enable users to inhale nicotine vapor without smoke, tar, ash or carbon monoxide. 

Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Healthy Choice Markets, Inc., Vapor Corp also owns Ada's Natural Market, located in Fort Myers, FL.  Ada's serves the local community by providing natural and organic products in a friendly and helpful atmosphere.  Ada's offers prepared foods ready to go, and also features a cafe, organic juice bar and its brand new organic coffee bar.

Electronic cigarettes look like traditional cigarettes and, regardless of their construction, are comprised of three functional components: (i) a mouthpiece, which is a small plastic cartridge that contains a liquid nicotine solution; (ii) a heating element that vaporizes the liquid nicotine so that it can be inhaled; and (iii) the electronics, which include: a lithium-ion battery, an airflow sensor, a microchip controller and an LED, which illuminates to indicate use. When a user draws air through the electronic cigarette, the air flow is detected by a sensor, which activates a heating element that vaporizes the solution stored in the mouthpiece/cartridge, the solution is then vaporized and it is this vapor that is inhaled by the user. The cartridge contains either a nicotine solution or a nicotine free solution, either of which may be flavored. 

The Company offers rechargeable vaporizers for use with e-liquid solutions, dry herbs or leaf, as well as wax.

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